Supporting Leaders
Sustaining Nonprofits

Who We Are

At Resiliency Blueprint, we support nonprofit leaders to enable them to develop sustainable organizations that strengthen the communities they serve. We collaborate with leaders to create a blueprint that drives organizational change and community transformation. 

Community-based organizations are meeting the critical needs of the most vulnerable and neglected among us. The leaders of these organizations are well-positioned to serve their communities, but who do the leaders turn to when they need support? We understand that even the most committed leaders with deep knowledge of their communities sometimes need help with operations and program implementation. 

That’s where we come in. 

We can help you to:


Troubleshoot minor challenges


Pivot in the face of a major stumbling block


Connect to and brainstorm with peers who understand your struggles

Who we serve

We serve leaders of community-based nonprofit organizations who are seeking to:

STRENGTHEN their ability to successfully lead their organizations especially during periods of change and uncertainty 

REALIGN their organization’s mission and activities to meet evolving community needs

GAIN SUPPORT from a community of compassionate, collaborative peers



We offer high-quality capacity building services. We create tools and templates to help you create a blueprint for advancing your mission, sustaining your organization, and strengthening your community. 

What results can you expect?

We know that you are already doing great work. Our services will further increase your knowledge, skills, and confidence to carry out your mission and enhance your organizational capacity to: 

CREATE or modify programs that meet community needs

MEASURE program outcomes

UTILIZE those outcomes to communicate your organization’s story

PLAN STRATEGICALLY for the future, while being prepared to deal with the unexpected

EFFECTIVELY manage human resources, finances, and other internal operations 

RAISE FUNDS and other resources to support your organization’s mission

About the Principals

We have been funders, nonprofit leaders, and capacity builders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Collectively, we bring more than 50 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations. We do this work because we are committed to community improvement and equity. We want to see every community thrive. 

Lois Nembhard

Chief Resilience Officer

I have spent my career in different environments including city government, local and international nonprofits, and leading federal grant programs, all with the goal of improving outcomes for under-resourced communities.  I have extensive experience designing and implementing programs, developing processes and systems to enhance organizational capacity, and in all phases of grantmaking.

I love providing training and technical assistance to nonprofit leaders to design and refine systems, identify outcomes, and measure impact. With my expertise in writing grant requirements and reviewing and approving grants, I am also able to provide coaching in grantwriting and preparing programs to be grant-ready.

Over the years I have volunteered with various organizations and causes and currently serve on the boards of a nonprofit and a faith-based organization. I am passionate about improving the lives of children and families in under-resourced communities and am committed to strengthening the capacity of the nonprofit organizations that serve them.

Arthurine Walker

Chief Changemaker

I’ve spent more than 30 years working in or providing leadership and organizational development support to nonprofit organizations. I’ve helped build the capacity of local, national, and international organizations. I enjoy building and supporting high potential organizations and leaders. 

I am a coach, consultant, and trainer; my work has focused on social and economic equity through initiatives addressing education and workforce development, cultural competence in teacher education, access to higher education and jobs for disadvantaged youth, health disparities, and racial equity. I’ve worked in all areas of organizational capacity with extensive work in program development, communications, planning and strategy, and  fundraising. I bring a DEI lens to all of my work. 

A true believer in the ability of nonprofits to change communities, I also volunteer with youth, education, and workforce development organizations. 

Let me help you build a plan for success. 

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